Gluten Friendly Menu

Gluten is a protein in all wheat, rye, barley and oat products. Gluten is found in most cereals (e.g., wheat, rye, barley) and their end products. No gluten is contained in rice, soybean (soya), maize (corn), buckwheat, and sunflower seeds. Oats and teffs do not contain gluten, but are usually milled on the same equipment as other grains that do, and so are commonly contaminated.

Any item that is fried is considered gluten containing.

The following has been analyzed by an independent registered dietician and is meant to serve as a guide to help choose items they have deemed to be gluten free. Charlie Brown’s is not responsible for the content based on the dietician’s recommendations.

Sauces, side dishes, starches or any other condiment, unless otherwise listed on this menu, should be presumed to contain gluten. Only the items listed have been analyzed and are separate from any side dishes or sauces that may normally accompany each.





Fresh Grill Steaks

Without frizzled onions. Salt & pepper seasoning only.


Prime Black Angus Steaks

Without frizzled onions. Salt & pepper seasoning only.



Salt & pepper seasoning only.


Ribs & More




Salad Bar Items

(Besides the veggies)


Sauces & Condiments


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